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Wake Up, Nations is an extraordinary book of a call to righteousness, waking up to God's truth and holiness. A true story of the warmth of God's embrace is revealed to the world by the Author. Wake Up, Nations engages you while it talks about the author's childhood memoir, which helps bring out a different background of parenting a child, nurturing her into the fear of the Lord. Wake Up, Nations has an in-depth description of God as never been revealed to man. This best-seller proves the existence of the true living God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It helps us to see the lowliness and meekness of the Lord as well as his Supremacy over his creation.

"We do not wrestle against flesh and blood. To this end am I called and to this end will I be."

--Jerusha Bello-Osagie

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Definition of “Getting Real With Yourself”

A book filled with a wonderful story about a Christian woman who experienced visions of our God, The Father, His Son , The Holy Spirit and much more.

How wonderful to feel her holiness as she tells her story.

Her message to all Nations is to wake up and listen to the Lord who is sending a message of peace and love along with His unending help.

A book that that can be read over and over.

- Lorraine Handler.

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